Support & Frequently Asked Questions

Do both parties need the app send or receive contact information?

No, LinkUpQr does not require the person to have an account to receive your information or sent their information back to you.

Can I download my qr code?

Yes, you are able to download your qr code, navigate to Account >Settings >DownloadQRCode.

What is a hosted highlight image?

A hightlight image can be used as a way to promote sales or accoplishments. Since LinkUpQR's digital card/profile is free, having an image that is already hosted on the web (for example already on your website or social media) helps alleviate the cost and risk of uploading files to a database.

What is a VCF/Contact file?

A .vcf (Virtual Contact File) file is a standardized file format used to store contact information. It typically contains details such as a person's name, phone number, email address, and other relevant contact information. VCF files are commonly used for sharing contact information between different devices, applications, and platforms, such as smartphones, email clients, and contact management software. They can be easily imported and exported across various devices and applications, making them a convenient way to transfer contact details.

Can I request a feature?

Absolutly, we want to make LinkUpQR as useful as possible for you and if you can thing of ways to help make this a better networking tool we are all ears.
1. Account >Add Feature >Submit ticket.
2. Twitter/X.

How can I report a problem?

Reporting issues is a breeze, as you have direct accsess to us in multiple avenues.
1. Account >Report issues >Submit ticket.
2. Twitter/X.
3. Send us an email here:

Feel free to contact us and we'll help you as soon as we can.

How do I delete my account?

You have multiple avanues for deleting your account.
1. Account >Report issues >Area: Account >Subject: DeleteAccount >Request Delete >Submit ticket >Email will be sent to confirm delete of account.


Feel free to contact us and we&aops;ll help you as soon as we can.

Need additional assistance?

We're aware of the importance of well qualified support, that is why we decided to provide multiple avanues to reach us via for the quickest response we suggest reaching out to us on Twitter/X. or our support email

Feel free to contact us and we&aops;ll help you as soon as we can.