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Say Goodbye to Tap and Fail, Dropping, Forgetting, or Loosing Your Business Card!

Exchange information Seamlessly even if your new connection doesn't have an account.

Apple, Android, or Web—We play nice with EVERY CRM, Socials Media, and Calendar platform.

Individuals, startups, or large corporations, our admin dashboard allows you to easily add and manage multiple employee cards, complete with analytics.

The Referral Radar is a new tool that manages key referral sources in your network, crediting users with LinkUpQR profiles for referrals to help expand your circle.

Easy as 1-2-3!



Set Up Your Profile

Personalize your digital business card, include all of your contact information, and link all of your social media, marketing materials, and calendars.



Ready To Network

Once your profile is set up, you're good to go! Send and receive contact information right from the app. Quickly download your QR code and use it anywhere, and enjoy analytics on all your scans in the dashboard.




The dashboard is available on mobile and computer. You can update your profile, view analytics for insights, and export incoming contacts to your phone or CRM system with ease.


Real Voices, Real Results:

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