Way More Than A Digital Business Card
LinkUp | QR

Traditional tools fall short at exchanging contact information while LinkUp | QR goes way beyond and allows all of your existing tools like Marketing, Calendars and more to work together. We throw in a basic CRM so you can quickly quilify leads that can exported to your exisitng CRM. We also Harnesses data-driven metrics to identify key referral sources. Gain essential insights into your network's potential for mutual growth and unlock new possibilities. Elevate your professional connections with LinkUp | QR and empower your network like never before.

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Where we have been and we are headed...

  1. The Journey Began

    I embarked on an exciting journey filled with promise and innovation, The goal was to give people a Digital Business Card that would transform networking experiences. Thank you to those who set sail with me into a future where connections are seamless, opportunities abound, and success that knew no bounds.

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  2. The First Test

    The First round of about 5 prototypes went out into the market to test if there was need for such a product in the business networking space.

  3. The Results Are In

    After a 6 month field test I not only had amazing feedback but found more gaps in the business networkng world than expected, I expanded our test group from 5-20 testers and identified a need for a tool to centralize marketing materials, socials, and calendars, but people also needed metrics on the interactions to see which ones were actually beneficial.

  4. The Big Split

    After 1 year of development and 6 months of data I ran into a cross road. The gaps between an interaction and a ''closed deal'' that were exposed there was to much to give away with one tool realistically what was needed was a suit of solutions to make this work. I didn't want to become intuit as a solo developer so I decided to split this into 2 projects, 1: The free digital business card that I originally set out to deliver. 2: A lite weight CRM that can be a hub for all of the interactions from the business card. With that said I didn't want to lock people into my ''eco system'' thats what got me into this mess in the first place. I made this able to work wiht ANY existing tools you have.

  5. The Green Light

    The split was succsessful and I had created two ''venderless solutions'' for people to optimize their interactions and it had spread to 2 orginizations with over 15 cards each with ZERO marketing just simply because I had built a great set of tools that I needed and apparently others did as well! The digital business card app was submitted to both app stores and were accsepted!

  6. 🚀 Launch Day 🚀

    It's been an incredible journey to reach this point, but we've finally found the perfect day to mark our milestone!
    Our revolutionary FREE digital business card app is now available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!
    Dive in and experience seamless networking like never before.

  7. Introducing My Circle

    My Circle is going to be a testament of your hard work, a group of likeminded individuals that have come together to really enhance eachothers busniesses and create real data driven mutual growth.

  8. The Referral Radar

    The Referral Radar is going to be just that a hub for your Key Referral Sources this tool is going to live in your connections and hopefully keep your pipeline full of quilified referrals. The Goal here is to not only pass oprotunity to your circle, but expand your circle as LinkUpQR expands and grows with people using this tool if a referral is sent from someone with a LinkUpQR profile they will get credit for the referral thus increasing their score and hopfully earn a spot in your circle!